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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bike Trip to Pichavaram!!!

The journey began at 4.00a.m on sunday ,september 26th,2010.Me,Preethi,Kahan,Gautham,Dyal reached koyembedu at 4 sharp...though we had a sleepless night.Jayanthan joined us few mins later.Hari was already waiting for us at the was a strict rule that the pillion rider must also wear a of the coordinator gave a extra helmet to finally we completed all the formalities n began the ride at 4.40 a.m.we need to stop at few points to let other ppl to join us.We stopped at guindy circle, tidel park n finally at thiruvanmiyur depot.The huge crowd were accommadated in 10 bikes and 13 cars.
Bike Riders-
3.Gautham(pulsar 150)
4.Preethi(pillion rider -fazer)
remaining ppl came in car... We started of frm thiruvanmiyur around 5.30.Our first stop was near mutukadu for a group photo
Our avg speed was around 85kmph,couldn resist to increase the throttle even more!!!then we entered a boat house for a tea break.There we saw a bikers gang ,with each having a1000cc bike !.took some photos of those bikes n the whole gang formed a circle to introduce ourself


Then we began the ride.We passed through some wonderful backwaters n nature view.Those roads were too calm n suited well for the bike trip.Climate also supported us n added reality to the ride.We were riding continuously for about 100kms,so we n our bike needed rest.So we stopped at pondicherry for the breakfast.The food was provided by the chennai treeking club members.We had the breakfast only at 11a.m i.e we were late by 3 hrs!!!!!

                                                                   After having our breakfast ,we filled petrol at pondicherry n followed the long stretch to enter kadalur!!its a amazing place with farm lands on two sides of the roads.We travelled 75kms frm pondi to reach pichavaram....WOW!!! finally we reached after a long drive .
                                             TIME FOR LUNCH GUYS!!!

                                                          After lunch we were waiting for the motor boats.Here it comes ,i jumped into the motor boat with same yamaha engine(i own a yamaha bike).We reached beach after a 45 mins lonely drive on the backwaters.
                                                               Me n Kahan ran towards the sea n dived into the waves !!! WOW Awesome!!!!! We really enjoyed the time at beach .We also played few games at the shore.

                                     Girls wer also rocking the beach!!!!

                                                                                    We left the beach at 5.30p.m.n was waiting for the reimbursement .finally everthing was settled n our gang left the place to roar towards chennai!!!Excellent sunday that i had in my life .....we reached home only at 12.30 a.m in the morning!!!

                                                                             CHEERS CTC!!!!!

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